Why Am I Mad?

I don’t belong to the Tea Party or Coffee Party. I can’t join any movements right now because I am not making ends meet. I have unending financial pressures that is generating enough blood pressure to boil water. You know what is making it worse? The politicians and media that say I’m critical of government control because I am racist and ignorant. Ring the bell, I’m ready to fight!

I am not racist. I do not oppose Obama because of his skin or even his heart. I actually believe he is a good man and I would welcome him as a neighbor. It is his mind that bothers me. The extent of his belief in government intrusion is alarming, and I believe, a real detriment to economic growth. I don’t care about the “redistribution of wealth”. I worry about the money that I use on necessary travel, mortgage, and food being taken away to pay for bloated government.

I am self-employed and I am struggling because my clients are small businesses. They are scared to death of mandated healthcare laws, future energy taxes, and a host of other “progressive” ideas. They are not opposed to healthcare for everyone or a cleaner environment. They just want to make a decent living. Wall Street and Washington may be crowing about recovery, but small business people are cowering in fear of the next regulation. They are afraid to hire, to build, and to take basic risks that are important in growing a business. Unions, government staffers, Wall Street executives, and even the poor don’t have a clue. It is not because they are stupid or racist, it is because small business is not the big fish making the splash.

There are red light cameras in my town now. I legally turned right on red, but I got ticketed for not coming to a complete stop for three seconds behind the white line. I don’t blame the camera intrusion on Barack, but government is responsible. That tax, I mean fine, will cost me $125. At that very intersection I buy my gas. The local government just raised the tax .02 per gallon. Totally, I will now be paying .50 tax on every gallon I buy. I rent my cars across the street from the gas station. States are moving to impose a huge car rental tax to pay for healthcare, from $2-15 per day per car. At the same time, I am making less money. And there are those with the audacity to question my anger? Or worse, accuse me of racism or ignorance?

Each month I pay more in taxes than anything else. More than the mortgage, ten times more than healthcare, and three times more than food. I don’t take vacations that cost money anymore. I love books and gadgets, but have reduced the purchase of those to almost nothing. I am trying to figure out ways to reduce the cell phone bill and cable TV. I made the mistake a couple of years ago of buying a big HDTV. I should have kept the 27″ basic TV. This is some recovery, huh!

I hear of economic crisis, but I don’t see any change in government. I read of the enormous pensions of government employees, and living in Chicago, there are headlines everyday about government abuse, fraud, waste, and nepotism. Take away government employees and the population of Chicago would be that of Peoria. I wonder if the millions of government employees have reduced travel, purchasing accounts, or any budget line item. Barack’s federal budget was the biggest in history, and so is the debt. By the way, there is no economic crisis for government until the people are out of money.

I don’t see the fall election as any solution. I am not looking for a party of no, I am looking for a nation of no. The spending, taxation, and intrusion of government appears to be unstoppable. But I say we try.

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