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Sunday, September 15th, 2013

War in Syria or Somewhere Else?

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Well, do we go to war with Syria now or someone else? Let me tell you what I mean. If you look at the history of just about every country in the world it is outlined by whatever wars they were in. Most countries boundaries are set up based on whether they won or lost their last war. War is a fact of life. We are always going to have to be ready to fight.

Jesus even said that there will be “wars and rumors of war” throughout time. And these will even intensify as time goes on. We have to be ready. So I think we ought to have the best damn military on the planet, which we do.

But there are a lot of wars going on in the world right now. A lot of civil wars. We have to be wise in choosing which wars we are going to be a part of. This brings us to Syria. I have to be honest, I am not for getting in this one.

It’s funny, I have been asking people what this Syrian civil war is about. No one knows! I have to ask the question, have we as Americans forgotten our recent history with the Middle East? Think about this, when Iran was fighting Iraq, we choose to support Iraq. They were led by that young sterling guy, Saddam Hussein. We gave him guns and all kinds of support. Well that sure came back to bite us.

Then, when the Russians were battling in Afghanistan and causing all kinds of trouble. We supported those freedom fighters, young rebels, led by that little man – Osama bin Laden. We gave him guns and support. Well, that came back to bite us, too.

Who are we going to choose in Syria? Which side will we support? Will we go with Assad or the rebels. What is the whole thing about? What we know is that it is an in-country political battle. I have to say no right now. Let them do whatever they are going to do. I don’t understand the big issue over chemical weapons since Assad’s army had already killed over 100,000 people. But remember, it is a civil war. Since Assad has the military it does give him a slight advantage. All we can do is make the rebels a little tougher. I say, no.

Here’s what I would do. Go ahead and get ready in the gulf with our Navy. And remember that our best friend in the Middle East is not Muslim, they are Jewish. The nation is Israel. The biggest risk is that what is happening in Syria will spill over into Israel. We need to be ready to fight with them and protect them. They are our best friends.

So for now, I say no to Syria.

Will Obama become “O Bomber” in Syria?

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Obama is about to become “O Bomber”in Syria. I have to admit that I am against that right now, even though I am a hawk. Actually, I do believe Syria should be bombed. Some serious stuff needs to be done there. But let’s put that aside, and let me say why I am against this right now.

The main reason I oppose this is because President Obama’s heart is just not in it. If Obama could be honest I think he would say that he would like to take back that comment about the “red line” in Syria. They crossed it with their first chemical attack and then they did it again recently when it killed over a thousand people, including over four hundred kids. He feel like he’s in a corner and has to do something militarily.

There are other kinds of wishy washy thinking. A year ago Obama said that Assad had to go. Now they say that the purpose of the bombing will not be regime change. What? If I were in charge I would try to drop the first bomb right on Assad’s head. Of course he will be hiding out, so I would take out his homes or castles, his cars and planes, his offices, his favorite restaurant, and even his mistresses houses. Then, if he survives, say “do you want to end up like Saddam?” Show him a picture of the wild look of Saddam when our soldiers captured him in that hole. So do you want to die or surrender?

A second reason I am not for this bombing is because of the current military strategy. This has nothing to do with Barack. This has been going on since the Vietnam War. Since then the military has taken the approach that the goal is not to win. They find other purposes and I just don’t understand. Now days our military, like what we are seeing in Afghanistan, is to build bridges, schools, and other buildings. They have to be able to teach and administrate all kinds of stuff.

For me, as horrible as it sounds, I believe our military should be the best equipped people in the world to kill. That is their job. If we are forced to go to war let it be to win by killing the enemy or killing them until they surrender. So, since Obama’s heart is not in this and the military is not in it to win it, I say let’s not go right now.

Are the NSA and CIA Ready for 9-11?

Monday, August 26th, 2013


Do you think the CIA, the NSA, and other intelligence agencies might just for a moment take their eyes off our emails, their ears off our cell phones, and their noses off our butts? They need to remember that 9/11 is just around the corner!

Do you remember what happened last year before 9/11? Our embassies warned the State Department that they had been hearing chatter and threats that something might happen to commemorate 9/11. Well, we totally got caught with our pants down at Benghazi and other embassies. Even though the State Department was warned nothing was done. Even worse, when the attack came someone gave the order to “stand down”. Chris Stevens, the Ambassador, and three other Americans gave their lives that day. The battle went on for seven hours.

Then the president’s people came out immediately to tell us it had been caused by a YouTube video put up by an American. On top of that, Hillary Clinton is still being hailed as the best Secretary of State ever. And we will be hearing that right up until she becomes the next president. And further, no one lost their jobs at the State Department. But as Hillary said, “get over it, we have to learn and move on”. But does anyone realize that 9/11 is coming up again.

Do you know what I would love to hear our president say? I would like him to speak directly to the people who hate America. He should tell him that if they decide to protest America on 9/11 they should do it somewhere other than our embassies. He should promise a drone over every embassy. He should promise soldiers armed to the teeth at every embassy. And he should promise that we will fight any attackers at any embassy. He needs to make clear that on this 9/11 we will be ready. But he probably won’t say any of that.

9/11 is coming up again.