Friday Firing -Is it time to C-A-N the C-I-A?

CIA logoThe CIA should be abolished. Don’t think I’m a liberal pansy, I’m glad we took out Saddam and I wish we had ended the Iranian threat with military action. The job of the CIA is gathering intelligence to protect Americans. They failed us on 9/11 and reported that Iraq was a threat to us with weapons of mass destruction (“slam dunk”). It is a bureaucratic debacle.

According to the CIA website, the number employees cannot be disclosed. This demonstrates how insane we have become. In the news I can read the name of captured terrorists, the method of interrogation, what they eat, and where they are located. But, we can’t know how many secretaries are at the CIA?

If I were a liberal pansy I would say that the cold war is over and there is no need for covert operations. We have already outlawed assassinations, created time consuming legal hoops to jump through before doing any spying activity (wire taps), and promise to never shoot first. The FBI, State Department, Military, and National Security Council is enough. James Bond may be the image, but Valerie Plame is the reality.

Leon Panetta is the Head of the CIA. What are his qualifications for the job? Did he lead a special forces mission behind enemy lines? Nope. Interrogate a prisoner? Nope. Engage in combat and maybe kill someone? Nope. As with most of Obama’s staff, Panetta was a lawyer, professor, and congressman (read my blog on Ivy League worldview).

I run from all things bureaucratic. The CIA may be THE most bloated bureaucracy. From the CIA website I cut and paste the following paragraph (read at your own risk):

“On December 17, 2004, President George W. Bush signed the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act which restructured the Intelligence Community by abolishing the position of Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) and creating the position the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA). The Act also created the position of Director of National Intelligence (DNI), which oversees the Intelligence Community and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).”

I feel safer!

The CIA has a 5 year initiative called “Strategic Intent 2007-2011”. After 9/11 and the war in Iraq, this should be a powerful statement, wrong. I quote, “Its central theme is integration—operating as a team within our Agency and with our Community colleagues.”

If we are to continue pouring billions into this agency, might I suggest a couple of goals.

  1. Figure out the next attack BEFORE it happens.
  2. Kill the bastards that want to destroy the USA.

The CIA should get the pink slip. girl holding pink slip

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  1. Highly Esteemed Steve Windle says:

    I think your Friday Firing section is fabulous. There are endless possibilities now that the government has nearly doubled in size; not that there weren’t enough agencies and individuals to fire prior to expansion. How about firing high level executives in the Obama administration who make more than their fair share of money. Maybe rather than firings we ought to just limit their pay. (I got that idea from the Obama administration!)
    By the way, how ya been? We’re doing great! We’re living in the fastest shrinking city in America, but getting more than our fair share of stimulus money!

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