Friday Firing- Van Jones, wait, isn’t he already gone?

Van Jones was the Special Adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). He resigned under pressure from the “right-wing attack machine” led by Glenn Beck of Fox News. He is gone because of extremist views. I see him simply as a typical Obama worker – lawyer from the Ivy League (Yale). I want to know, can we get rid of the CEQ?

What the hell is the Council on Environmental Quality? Could we survive as a nation without it? What is their budget and how many people besides Jones is getting a 6 figure income from it? How many green jobs have they created? I am more upset over this than Jones. He just helped shine the light on another total wasteful bureaucracy. Why can the government never be held accountable?

Back to Jones, I read several liberal opinions on why he was such a great choice. None of them mentioned a thing about what he had accomplished while serving the White House. He is just the smartest guy for the job. I wish someone with some weight would demand an accounting of his appointment and the results of this 30 year old department.

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