What Do Immigration and Small Business Issues Tell Us about Obama?

Politics has become dreadful. It is a necessary evil. It is more important than ever that citizens stay tuned in and do what they can to change this sick political environment. The issues of illegal immigration and small business are important for our economy, they say a ton about our president, and illustrate our current political situation.

The Arizona law has forced illegal immigration to the forefront. Neither political party wants to touch it. The obvious solutions will cost votes to whichever party leads the reform.

In a nanny state with a weak economy, illegal immigration is a huge problem. Illegals will add to poverty and take money from government provided healthcare, welfare, education, and even Social Security. What is the impact of illegal immigration on 10% unemployment? It can’t be helpful, not to mention the added criminal activity.

Small business may be the key to  economic recovery and even provide an answer to illegal immigration.  Over half of the population works for small business and for years the growth of the economy has been due primarily to small business.

Small business is paralyzed and in fear of what is coming next to tax or regulate them. They are certainly taking no risks. It appears that Obama is happy to bailout Wall Street, state governments, and even illegals. He has not dedicated a speech to small business and even shut out the Chamber of Commerce when he held a small business summit last year. He only attended the meeting for minutes.

Imagine the economic impact of reducing illegal immigration and at the same time cutting or reducing payroll taxes for small businesses willing to hire people. Obama seems willing to welcome illegal immigrants with open arms while ignoring small business. What’s up?

What’s up is politics as usual. It is all about votes. Mexican immigrants are a huge voting block for the democrats. Small business is in the tank for republicans. The fall elections will now determine policy and priorities.

Obama ran on the promise of changing Washington. I don’t know if he really believed his own hype, or was just saying what would get him elected. Regardless, the country is now moving in a more liberal/progressive direction. It means bigger government and less freedom.

Whether you are for bigger government or smaller, there is a need for better politicians. The first step is removing the career politicians. Ted Kennedy recently died after serving over 40 years in the senate. This should never happen again. Robert Byrd died after over 60 years in congress. It seems death is the only way to get someone out of office. Why do we continue to vote these guys in?

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  1. Archie says:

    This just proves the point that the politicians, as a whole, are just looking out for themselves, trying to get reelected…the days of wanting to do what is right, or most beneficial for the country at large are over for the time being. Small business, tax cuts….those are the solutions…give the people more money, and they will spend it…

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