Is Al Sharpton a Job Creator?

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2 Responses to “Is Al Sharpton a Job Creator?”

  1. I have never been angry like this about our political situation. Our freedoms and our intelligence are being attacked. The groupies don’t see it. We have elected an orator in chief.

  2. Steve Windle says:

    I think our President knows how important small business is to this country and to say otherwise would be an inflammatory and unfounded accusation against a president that has shown great intelligence in moving the country closer to his personal objectives. Therefore we are left with no other alternative than to say he is intentionally leaving small business leaders out of the discussion! This decision to omit small business leaders is an intentional decision that supports his view for America’s future! Imagine what America would look like without small businesses? What would that do to unemployment? What would it do to the size and need for more government? What is our President’s overall objective? Isn’t he trying to fundamentally change America? That would do it!

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