Is the United Nations worth funding?

The United States provides 22% of the UN budget and a safe place to meet. Other than being a forum for crazies, is there any redeeming value? It has been in business for over 50 years and it is time to pull the plug. The UN is the Friday Firing!

The UN was established to provide a venue where the nations of the world can come together around law, economics, human rights, and world peace. By any standards of accountability, the UN has been a complete failure. If you can identify something they have done that has worked, please let me know.

Of the many examples of failure is from the 90’s and the UN’s business with Iraq. Saddam Hussein had invaded neighboring countries, used chemical weapons, threatened the world, and kicked out UN inspectors. The UN posed sanctions against Iraq causing great pain and suffering to the people of Iraq. At the same time, the UN gave Saddam the deal of the century called the “Oil for Food Program.” The bottom line, the people got nothing while Saddam built palaces and built up his army on our money. He paid off UN officials to get away with it.

The UN’s future depends on the US giving up its sovereignty by submitting to international laws, paying global taxes, reducing military strength, and other concessions. The socialist idea is that we, being the rich country, give our resources to the poor countries.

The gift that keeps on giving to the UN is climate change or global warming. Since this is a world wide threat then the UN is positioning to be the organization to handle this problem. Yeah right, you are fired UN!

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