Should we abolish the Homeland Security Department?

Yes! After 9/11 I was shocked that 11 days after that horrific event the best our government could come up with in response was a new department. We had 17+ agencies at the time tasked with keeping intelligence on our enemies and protecting American citizens. They failed us and the best we could do was create another bureaucracy? 8 years have passed and it is time to evaluate.

Are we safer today than on 9/11? Yes. Are we safer because of Homeland Security? No. On 9/11 the hijackers took over the planes with box cutters. Today, even the flight attendants will put you in a headlock if you get threatening. This upgrade in security did not cost a thing and required no extra paperwork.

The 2010 Homeland Security Budget is 162 pages long. The cost of the department is just over $11billion. One line item was the Headquarters Management and Administration – $1BILLION! This includes 3,822 employees at headquarters.

On their website there is a 35 page history of Homeland Security. It is page after page of organizational charts – I kid you not. There are explanations as to why they went through each change. Reading it was as painful as catching your parents having sex.

Janet Napolitano is Obama’s Director of Homeland Security. As with most of his staff, she is a lawyer turned politician with no experience in security.

The most glaring failure can be found in 1 of it’s 5 key responsibilities – natural disaster response. FEMA became a part of Homeland Security in 2003. I don’t need to remind you of Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans 2005) and the governments utter impotence in dealing with that disaster. But thank God George Bush fixed the problems by signing into law the “Post-Katrina Emergency Reform Act” in 2006. I did not read the bill but I bet you could find a new organizational chart.

The organization has made itself visible. We got a color-coded threat advisory and 52,000 TSA personnel to confiscate our nail clips when flying. A big accomplishment for the TSA this year is new uniforms and badges to make them look more official.

Do you remember Richard Reid the “shoe bomber”? He walked right by Homeland Security and was caught trying to light his shoe by a flight attendant. Two female flight attendants and other passengers subdued  and held him until the plane could land in Boston. And now stink bombs go off at every airport when people remove their shoes at security.

There is one ultimate accountability question. What changes did this department bring after 9/11, other than organizational charts,  that saved American lives? What did they do that could not have been accomplished by any of the existing security agencies?

I do not believe we need the Homeland Security bureaucracy. The next terrorist attack may come at the hands of a guy living down the street who will detonate a bomb in the local elementary school. Janet and her thousands of employees with great benefits will not be able to do a thing. I think the face of homeland security are flight attendants and the rest of us. We are all in this security business watching, alerting, and even fighting if necessary.

Give the pink slip to Homeland Security.girl holding pink slip

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  1. Roger says:

    I’m in. Let’s get the petition going. I’m just curious, does the government ever close an agency once it has begun? Talk about budget cuts! Let’s get an independent firm inside our government offices and let’s here their recommendations on which agency needs to be cut. If there are already 17+ agencies, maybe we could skim a few off of that number too.

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