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A personal note…

I work a little part-time job with several African-Americans and whites. It pays little, but one value is in my new best friend. He is a 40 yr old black man raising two teenage girls on his own. I love his stories of drama. The ladies at work (both black and white) like him, too. One black female in particular is determined to be his girlfriend. He is not interested at the moment, but I enjoy being the middle man.

He works multiple low paying jobs, is a great dad, but has bad credit. He has struggled lately just getting into a cheap, two bedroom apartment “in the baddest part of town”. His low credit score was from being unable to pay phone bills, utilities, and Comcast after losing a job. Even though he has paid off his bills the score will remain low for years.

Somehow, he is a big dreamer. He refuses to let any struggle or setback dampen his spirit. He knows little about politics, and could care less who wins this presidential election. (Side note – I am getting him up to snuff on the political stuff!) He wants to be an entrepreneur, which is close to my heart.

We discuss his vision and plans all the time. He is smart and has thought through many of the challenges of starting a new business, literally with nothing. The one challenge he misses, however, is the biggest one. I call it big government. I am slowly educating him on the terrible realities of the overbearing taxes, regulations, and liabilities that will come.

This presidential election matters. It is a choice between less freedom or more, bigger government or smaller. My friend just wants to prosper. There is no racial divide there, I want to prosper too. I appreciate that he is not looking for racism around every corner like some, he looks for opportunity. I wish I could help him.

Like the story of Stephen Hill, whites and blacks can succeed together. I hope this does not get lost in Black History Month.