Will we ever ax this tax system?

The current tax system has to go. It is unfair and too complicated. Every time there is a “tax reform” bill the whole things gets even more complex and cruel. Can you imagine what it would be like to get a monthly bill each from the federal, state, county, and city governments to pay for all services? Based on the 2010 federal budget every United States Citizen would get a bill for just under $1000 per month. This would not include the state and local government bills.

A true progressive tax could be created. A simple formula could define what percentage of the total tax bill the rich would pay monthly. Maybe the poor would not have to pay any taxes if our country were prosperous enough. A gallon of gas where I live carries with it a .48 tax to governments. It angers me that the poor guy struggling to get food on the table for his family pays as much gas tax as does the guy who can fly his family on a private jet to a fancy Paris restaurant.

The monthly bill plan would make everyone a little more interested in what our politicians are proposing. Earmarks and handouts would not be so easy. I wonder what would have happened to the Wall Street bailout if Obama had said that each citizen would be required to pay an extra $200 per month over the next year?

You have hopefully heard of the “Flat Tax” and the “Fair Tax”. These are better tax programs that what we currently endure. My idea is called the “Fact Tax”. Let’s demand transparency from our leaders and get “just the facts, ma’am”.

Image the benefit to employers not having to do payroll taxes. The IRS could be re-engineered to serve the people rather than fine and imprison them. For the first time, the poor could be helped and the rich could be fairly billed. There would be no more inheritance taxes, capital gains taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, or soda taxes. The Fact Tax – take the total of all government services and divide it among the citizens to pay monthly.

Taxes are right and necessary, but should not be shameful. Too bad congress is so weak. When is it time to vote again?

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