Would You Rather Be Bill Gates or Al Gore?

I have breakfast a lot while watching “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. This morning he had as his guests Bill Gates and Al Gore. These guys are similar in many ways. They are both rich and belong to the Democrat Party. I genuinely believe they both want to help solve the worlds problems. They part ways, however, at the point of how to solve those problems.

Al Gore has a new book out called “The Future: 6 Drivers of Global Change.” I’ve just started reading it and will have to give my review later. You bet it will be coming.

But to answer the above question I would rather be Bill Gates. Through his foundation he is solving big problems in Africa and through the rest of the world. Al talks big, proposes big solutions, loves big government, but to me is small potatoes.

I don’t believe in big government. It can regulate, tax, and provide support, but it is private enterprise and people who will do a better job at executing plans to solve social problems. Let’s get our hands dirty.

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